Total Quality Body Management

About TQBM

Gymnastic art of perisai diri total quality body management

Total quality body management in the form of Perisai Diri Gymnastic is by using anatomical and rational gymnastic movement to create/manage healthy body, mind and a balanced emotional condition.

The Models:

Total Quality Body Management (TQBM) consists of 3 kinds of gymnastic:

  1. Breathing exercise
  2. Technical gymnastic of Perisai Diri
  3. Gymnastic in pairs (serang hindar bayangan)

The Principals:

  1. To arrange breathing in accordance with the flow of the movements
  2. To improve the blood circulation in the body to make body condition relax and fit
  3. To ease the mind in accordance with the flow movement (positive mind)
  4. To stretch out and make the muscle relax
  5. To build and strengthen the muscle and increase the body resistance

The advantages:

  1. To make the blood circulation better to every vein in the body and refresh the body condition
  2. To ease and clear the mind and improve the concentration (IQ)
  3. To focus the energy in lower abdomen as the natural source of energy inside the body
  4. To improve the reflection and speed (Power Quality)
  5. To improve the mental condition (Emotional Quality)
  6. To improve the spiritual condition (Spiritual Quality)

The practice materials:

As enclosed for the 1 year of practice under teacher assistance


The class will be devided into 2 catagory:

–        beginner : no member of “kelatnas perisai diri”

–        advance : member of “kelatnas perisai diri”


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